Financial Tips for 20 Somethings

Develop good banking habits early on in life with these helpful tips.

Develop good banking habits early on in life with these helpful tips.


Living through your 20s can be a day-to-day financial struggle. While it seems difficult to think about your financial future while you’re dealing with your financial present, Heartland Bank is bringing you financial tips for your 20s and beyond. Keep these tips in mind while you venture through the next couple years.

Save, save and save some more– Your parents may have nailed this idea into your head, and Heartland Bank will do the same. Saving money now can help you better prepare for emergencies, vacations and retirement down the road. Different financial struggles will come up and if you have a safety net to fall onto, you will thank yourself later. Aim to save at least 15 percent to 20 percent of your income each month, but if that’s not possible, anything is better than nothing.

View your account history often- Managing your transactions and seeing where your money is going will help you better plan for a budget. Online banking can help you easily manage your money and transactions. This will also help with identity theft problems because you know where you have made purchases and where you haven’t.

Keep an eye on your checks– When you write a check for rent, utilities, or any other reason- be sure to keep enough money for that amount in your checking account. Checks are not automatically taken out once you write them, so don’t feel as if you have that money to spend. Be cautious about your spending while a check is waiting to be cashed so you can avoid over-drafting your account.

Know the fees associated with your account– Whether it’s associated with over-drafts, interest rates or late fees. Understand the fees associated with your account so you can avoid having to pay them often.

Heartland Bank hopes these tips help you survive the financial adventures of your 20s. Come to us for all of your financial needs!

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