Monthly Archives: November 2015

Host a Budget-Friendly Thanksgiving


If you’ve ever hosted a Thanksgiving meal at your home, you know it’s no cake walk. You have to clean and prepare your home for guests, establish the guest list, set the tables perfectly and prepare your nerves to deal with that one relative that’s going to make things awkward at the dinner table.

And then there’s the food. Preparing it correctly takes enough time, but purchasing it can be a huge hit to your wallet. This Thanksgiving, let’s try doing things differently when it comes to the cost of food.

Whether you’re on a limited budget or can afford your Thanksgiving meal, try some of the tips we’ve compiled to save some money while still enjoying the time with your family.
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Taking Care of Caregivers


Chances are you know someone who provides care for a family member; that person may even be you. Over 44 million Americans providing care to their loved ones every day, from millennials to members of the “Greatest Generation” and across races and ethnicities.

Family caregivers are selfless, passionate people who willingly sacrifice their time and their bodies to love and care for a family member. Because of this, it is often hard for them to find full enjoyment during the holiday season.

Since November is Caregivers Month, we thought it would be a great chance to offer some ways you can help out the caregivers you know. It doesn’t have to be anything big; even small gestures go a long way.

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By now you may have heard a thing or two about new “chip cards” that will replace your current debit and credit cards. This may have left you with a question or two about the purpose of the cards, what benefits the offer and if they can only be used to buy bags of chips (no, but the real-life benefits are much better!).

To better help you understand EMV cards we have put together a list of common questions. Give them a quick read to get to know more about these secure pieces of plastic.

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