Traveling Increases your Risk for Identity Theft

Use these tips to protect yourself from identity theft while on vacation.

Use these tips to protect yourself from identity theft while on vacation.


Traveling comes with many adventures including exploring different cultures, exploring new food and relaxing for a few days. Traveling also brings a heightened risk for identity theft, so Heartland Bank is bringing you tips for decreasing your risk for identity theft while traveling.

Decrease your risk for identity theft with these tips:

Keep your purse and wallet near you at all times– Always carry a bag that has a sling strap so you are less likely to get it taken. Men, don’t carry your wallet in your back pockets because that makes it easier to be pick pocketed. Don’t hang your bag on a chair that is out of sight while at a restaurant or while exploring.

Avoid public WiFi while accessing banking information– A non-secure network is more vulnerable to attack by hackers because they can access your phone through it. If you must use a public WiFi network to access private information, clear the browser history and cookies, and sign out of your accounts to avoid passwords being stolen.

Be careful around ATMs– People who are looking to steal other’s identities hang out around ATMs because they are looking to steal your card number, account information and PINs. When using an ATM check if others are around you, cover the PIN pad while entering your number and be sure to complete the transaction by closing the screen. Do not throw away receipts in the nearest garbage by ATMs as people search through those receipts.

Leave important documents at home– Decrease your risk of identity theft by leaving your social security card at home. Also only bring necessary credit cards for your travels.

Heartland Bank hopes you enjoy your travels and decrease your risk of identity theft with these tips. Contact us today if you have travel plans so we can notify you if we believe your card has been compromised.

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