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eStatements and Online Banking

Mobile Banking

eStatements and Online Banking

Heartland Bank provides safe, speedy, and current access to your finances in-and-out of the office. Did you know that you can receive the same quality service on your digital device? Take a look at the benefits of our Online Banking and eStatements options.

Check your balance: When having a conversation about a trip, gift, or medical expense, don’t let the talk derail because of uncertainty surrounding your funds. View your balance and account history in a flash. You can also opt to receive e-mails alerting you to monthly updates to your eStatements so you can stay on top of your finances.

Transfer Funds: Savings, checking… your multiple accounts shouldn’t be a headache to manage. Transfer funds from one account to another with just a couple of clicks.

Automatic payments: Shelling out for your mortgage and car payment each month gets redundant. With the automatic payment system, we’ll remove the monotony of monthly payments. Select a reoccurring expense, and set the amount due by a certain date each month. When the date rolls around, a payment will be made automatically.

Set reminders: If you prefer to pay bills on a month-to-month basis, Online Bill Pay allows you to set e-mail reminders so you can receive notifications and avoid late fees.

Stay organized: Instead of shuffling papers between filing folders, simplify your system by grouping similar payments into categories. Access multiple household expenses like utilities, cable, and electric in one convenient location of your specification.

Go green & stay safe: Digital payments cut down on the need for paper bills, allowing you to opt for an eco-friendly alternative. Plus, it reduces the risk of identity theft and fraud.

Keep a record: Don’t waste time worrying about whether or not you paid your bill. Access a history of your payments with a couple of clicks to put your mind at ease.

For information on extra features or assistance setting up your online account, call Heartland Bank at (866) 420-2800 today!

Product Spotlight: Mobile App and Mobile Deposit


Do you like doing things that will make your future life easier? What about things that are easy? Of course you do! Ease and convenience are driving factors in some of the last century’s greatest inventions.

While we haven’t invented anything new, we do offer our customers access to technology that can make managing their finances much easier of a task: Mobile Banking and Mobile Deposit.

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Bank Anywhere, Any Time with the Heartland Bank Mobile Banking App

You can put your personal finances at your fingertips with our new Mobile Banking App.

You can put your personal finances at your fingertips with our new Mobile Banking App.

Have you ever thought having your personal line of access to Heartland Bank would be the best thing ever? While we can’t give you a key, we can offer the next best thing: our Mobile Banking app.

The Heartland Bank Mobile Banking app, available for both iOS and Android devices, gives you access to your accounts and many great beneficial features that allow you to have greater control over your personal finances.

Here are a few reasons you should download the Heartland Bank Mobile Banking app today!

Deposit Checks

Don’t leave checks – your money – sitting on your counter waiting to be deposited. The Mobile Deposit feature of our Mobile Banking app allows you to deposit checks by taking a picture of the front and bank, filling in the amount and selecting which account you would like the check to be deposited to. It’s that easy to deposit checks whenever and wherever you want!

Check Balances

Never be surprised by a low balance alert again. You can check the balances of your Heartland Bank checking and savings accounts by simply logging in to our Mobile Banking app and selecting “Accounts.”

Make Transfers

Moving money between your Heartland Bank accounts is easy with the “Transfers” feature. You can complete one-time transfers to cover a lack of funds or to contribute to your savings account.

Pay Bills

Never lick another stamp or send another bill in the mail. Bill Pay in our Mobile Banking app allows you to make one-time or recurring bill payments to vendors. Bill Pay can be utilized for any vendor that accepts ACH or check payments.

Find ATMs

Need cash quick? The ATM Finder in our Mobile Banking app helps you find the ATM location nearest you.

There are many other great features of Heartland Bank’s Mobile Banking app, but don’t simply take our word for it. If you’re an Online Banking customer already, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download the Heartland Bank Mobile Banking app for yourself.

If you have any questions about the app, feel free to contact your nearest Heartland Bank office.

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