Working in Retirement

Working in retirement can have many benefits.

Working in retirement can have many benefits.

Although starting a new job may not be at the top of your to-do list as you prepare for retirement, it is important to know that having a part-time job in retirement can have many benefits. From staying physically and mentally active to maintaining a small income, believe it or not, having a part-time job in retirement can be a great option for you!

Another great thing about having a job in retirement is that you have a little more flexibility in the jobs that you choose. Now is a great time to turn your hobbies and passions into something more. If obtaining a part-time job in retirement is sounding more and more appealing, Heartland Bank offers the following part-time job ideas for retirees:

  1. If you loved your full-time job, consider keeping your position only with less hours. This offers you the comfort of a job you already know how to do with co-workers who understand your retirement plans.
  2. For a little variety, check out seasonal part-time positions. For example, around the Christmas season, many retailers need extra part-time help. In the summer, amusement parks and golf courses are popular part-time choices for retirees.
  3. If you have an interest in government, you may enjoy sharing your wisdom and experience with your local government. Depending on the time of year or when the next series of elections will be, there are a variety of seasonal and part-time positions to help you get involved in government or politics.
  4. Although it doesn’t produce income, volunteering is a great way to spend your time in retirement. Working for a cause or program that you genuinely care about can help keep your mind sharp and involved with your community. Your passion, hard work and volunteerism may even just lead to a paid position.

If you can find a job that you enjoy and helps you earn some extra cash, working in retirement can be better than it sounds. For more information on saving for retirement or managing your bank accounts after retirement, contact Heartland Bank today!

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