Website Walkthrough


We have a brand new website! Check out our blog for some help figuring out all the new features.

We have a brand new website! Check out our blog for some help figuring out all the new features.

If you’ve been to our website recently, there’s a good chance you have noticed we changed things up a bit. We recently launched a new and improved website. The goal was to provide a more attractive website that better personifies the character of Heartland Bank, as well as reorganizing the content to make information more accessible and easier to find.

We are proud of the result, but we know change can be difficult, especially when it’s happening with your financial institution. To help you get comfortable with our new website, today’s blog post walks you through some of its features. We invite you to open a new browser window and go to to follow along.

Responsive Design that Works on any Device

Our new website was built with responsive design techniques, meaning the website scales itself down and reorganizes itself for any screen size. The result is a perfect look or function on your desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet.

The Header and Main Navigation

Available on every page of the site, the header at the top of the page is your road map to the rest of the website and your access point for Online Banking. The site search feature allows you to search our website by keyword or phrase.

The Marketing Message

Any large scale announcements can be found right in the middle of our home page in the marketing message. From news products and services to security issues or bank closings, it is our easily accessible message board to our customers.

News Feed

Here you’ll find the latest posts to our social media accounts and our blog. Clicking the posts will take you away from the Heartland Bank website and to the specific social network.

Right-Hand Columns

As you navigate throughout the website, the right-hand column will be the place to find additional resources related to the page you are viewing, such as downloadable PDFs, links to online forms and calculators.

This is by no means everything our new website has to offer. We encourage you to continue looking around the new website. If you encounter an issue, please contact Heartland Bank.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Heartland Bank, member FDIC