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Planning Your Spring Garden for the Best Return

Garden ROI

Spring is still just out of sight, but for prospective spring gardeners, the time to start seed germination is almost here! With seeds for some summer produce taking up to three months to prepare for planting, planning ahead of time can truly make or break both personal and commercial growers. Before you start organizing your garden for the season, we offer these helpful tips to help you make the most of your agricultural investment:

Grow Heirloom: Tomatoes are a staple of countless summer gardens, but what will differentiate your juicy produce from other countless selections at the market? Variety! With new strains of tomatoes being discovered each year, blue, striped, and white fruits can offer your family and customers a unique and delicious twist on a summertime classic. The basic large red tomato has an average price point of approximately $3.50 per pound, but smaller heirloom varieties often go for more than $5.00 per pound. With one plant typically producing over 20 pounds of fruit, you could easily make $100 off of one heirloom plant!

Learn to Preserve: Once you’ve harvested the tomatoes grown above, you can continue to tack on the savings by processing those fruits into recipes that can be canned. Packaged goods like salsa and pasta sauce can run about $3.00 a piece, however, you can create a pantry full for the low cost of the plants and reusable mason jars.

Add Some Flavor: Personal herb gardens have continued to grow in popularity over the past several years, and 2017 is no different. With many urban gardeners opting to plant their own seedlings, you’d think the retail need would decrease. However, the opposite may be occurring. With an influx of gardening comes an influx of use. Many home cooks are beginning to learn the benefits of using fresh herbs, and they’re not always cheap. Generally, a small bunch of herbs can run between $1-3. This in mind, most healthy plants are able to produce a consistent amount of bunches throughout the summer, and even into fall. If you have one plant that offers 50 bunches at $2 a piece, that’s a simple $100 earned for just one plant.

With so many incredible plant varieties to choose from, we’re sure your next garden will be a success! Whether you’re planning to sell your crops at the weekend farmer’s market, or stock a pantry your grandmother would be proud of, the practice of gardening has proven to be a money saver for you and your family. If you have any other great gardening tips, be sure to share them with us on Heartland Bank’s Facebook page.


Spring Into Spring

Spring Into Spring

Shake off colder temps, for spring has sprung! Squeeze the most out of this blooming season with these warmer weather activities to help you unthaw:

  1. Declutter your closet. To make it more open and airy, purge your wardrobe of all the clothes you didn’t wear over the winter. Donate the castoffs and make room for summer essentials.
  2. Try your hand at Frisbee golf. Running around on a grassy course soaking up the fresh air. Frisbee golf is the perfect cure to your winter blues. Grab some friends and some discs and you’re in business!
  3. Road trip to a bizarre local attraction. If famous landmarks like the World’s Largest Cheeto or Ice Cream Capital of the World are just an hour or two away, why not seize the day? Hop in your car, roll down your windows, and take a mini road trip to visit a nearby town’s pride and joy.
  4. Visit a greenhouse. Waiting until the summer to start your garden limits your options. Stretch your growing season by visiting a greenhouse, where you’ll find new plants, flowers, and produce seedlings to add to your bounty.
  5. Go mushroom hunting. Morel mushrooms grow all across the United States and sprout in the spring, making them a seasonal delicacy. Never gone hunting before? It’s easy!
  6. Get together for a grill fest. Dust off and light up your grill to celebrate warmer temperatures with friends and family. Challenge each guest to bring a dish designed for the grill so that every part of the meal – meat, veg, fruit, and dessert – is prepared outdoors.
  7. Catch a sunrise. With coffee and cocoa in tow, head to a nearby park or nature reserve to catch the sun as it rises over budding trees and new wildlife. Go all-out cooking up a delicious breakfast spread after the main event.
  8. Hit up flea markets and garage sales. One man’s trash is another man’s weekend discovery. As your neighbors spring clean, snap up items from the ridiculous to the sublime.
  9. Wash the cars. There’s something innately satisfying about watching months-worth of dust and sludge slide off a now-sparkling vehicle. Involve the whole family in the scrubbing and splashing, and reward them with ice cream at a local parlor afterwards.
  10. Get dirty. Whether it’s planting flowers, embarking on a DIY landscaping project, or simply sinking your hands and feet into gooey mud, nothing screams spring quite like dirt-streaked clothes. Embrace the mess!

Adventure is out there – go grab it! Be sure to share your favorite spring activity on our Facebook page and show us your favorite spring activity!