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Best Budget Apps for 2016

budget apps

Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one app, or simply trying to track your spending, there’s a financial app for you! The more aware you are of your finances the better place you are during tax season! Here are four top budgeting apps to sample, courtesy of Heartland Bank.

Mint – Created by Intuit, the company behind Turbo Tax and Quicken software, has built an on-the-go mobile finance monitoring system, complete with credit score! This app encompasses all of your spending through connections with your banks, checking accounts, and credit cards. You can track your spending while setting goals for savings or other financial achievements. Their communication is secure, so you be certain all your data and account information will remain safe.

Mvelopes – Have you ever saved money for a trip or large purchase in your bank envelope? This app encompasses that same nostalgia with digital envelopes to help organize your savings. Mvelopes offers a wide array of services to assist in your spending tracking and savings goals. In the app’s free version you can connect up to four financial lines, and use the organizational tools as well. In the various paid versions there are options for personal coaching, additional financial connections, and plans to help eliminate debt.

Wally – This is truly an international app. Currency can be chosen from the U.S. dollar to the Congolese franc. Wally runs in a simplistic nature, and easy design. It is an ad free app that is currently 100% free of charge. In this app you are able to categorize your spending and see which areas are your true habitual splurges. You can track all of your spending by the photo function in the app to keep receipts and their information.

Unsplurge – A financial tool that mixes functionality with share-ability. This app features budget and goal tracking software, with an additional feature of an audience to share those goals with. Users can communicate and encourage one and other towards their achievements. Unsplurge also incorporates photos and lets you customize each individual goal.

No matter what your savings goal is, it takes some organization and planning to get there! Heartland Bank is here to help. Stop by and see some of our checking and savings account options to get your savings plan underway!