Election Season – Go Vote!


Each year millions of Americans make their ways to their polls to cast their vote! Republican, Democrat, or Third Party, it is through this system that the American people make their voice heard. On November 8, 2016 the United States will elect the next leader of the free world. Don’t you want to have a say on the matter?

Since 1789 the United States has made democracy its priority and asked the people of this nation to choose a leader they deem worthy. George Washington was the first President elected in the United States, and over two centuries later, we are ready to elect the 45th President of the United States.

For the 2016 Elections there are three candidates that are available in every state.

(Listed in alphabetical order.)

Democrat: Hillary Clinton, United States Secretary of State

  • Pro-Choice
  • Pathway to Legal Citizenship
  • Keep Affordable Care Act
  • Higher Taxes on the Wealthy

Libertarian: Gary Johnson, Former Governor of New Mexico

  • Pro-Choice
  • Emphasis on 2nd Amendment Right
  • Keep Affordable Care Act
  • Consumption Tax

Republican: Donald Trump, American Businessman

  • Pro-Life
  • Emphasis on 2nd Amendment Right
  • Dismantle Affordable Care Act
  • Business Tax Incentives

In order to cast your vote, you need to either vote early at your designated polling station, or on November 8, 2016, go vote at your ward’s designated polling location.

You can find these locations by typing in on Google, “Where do I vote?” Google will then display your polling location based on you address, in addition to the ballot for your county.

No matter which candidate you choose, be sure your voice is heard, by going out and voting on November 8, 2016